Meet Arche

Welcome to Arche.

Our attention to detail, and obsessive commitment to quality spans beyond our eyewear, permeating every aspect of Vieux. Even the boutiques we choose to work alongside are carefully handpicked, meticulously curated to ensure we are partnered with esteemed collectors of quality pieces.

Just a short drive south from our beautiful Burleigh home lies Arche. A stunning boutique nestled in the beachside hills of Coolangatta. Natural wood floors, soft pastel tones and stunning ocean views - All as elegant as the curated collection within.

We caught up with Owner/Creative Director Ali to have a chat about her beautiful boutique, fashion and Vieux.

What inspired you to create your boutique? Did you always see yourself going into fashion?

I have always adored and took a strong interest in fashion, I was always known as the 'fashion police' in my family.

However I didn't see myself going into fashion at all, until finishing my degree of psychology in New York City that's when I knew I wanted to chase something else.

I wanted to create a one stop place where you could find clothing and accessories - to homewares for both women, men and children. I wanted to ensure each brand and piece was carefully curated, offering quality and luxury.

What’s in store for the next 12 months? Any big plans for Arche?

We have some very exciting things to happen with Arche within the next 12 months, however it is a bit of a secret for now!

All I can say that you will see some more products by Arche and in more than one space.

Where's the best spot to get a bite after visiting the boutique?

We are lucky to be directly next door to a very busy (and very delicious) cafe called Cafe Dbar.

So you can grab your breakfast or lunch and sit out on the Arche deck whilst watching the surf.

What is your desert island fashion item? Your one absolute cannot live without piece

I would have to say an oversized linen frock. Whatever the occasion is you can dress it up or down and get away with it (also because comfort always!)

And of course we have to ask, which is your favourite Vieux frame?

My favourite Vieux frames would have to be the GH in Milk tortoise. It's timeless, classic and a must have accessory.