The culmination of over 35 years industry experience, Vieux is the realisation of a bold and unending desire to craft the finest luxury eyewear

A collaboration between father and son, Paul and Jack Surman, Vieux is a statement of legacy. Expertise built over decades. Knowledge that cannot be bought, an inherited and cherished family heirloom.

Paul Surman’s visionary design experience and world-class industry insight are a marked perspective informing the refined style characterised by Vieux. Creating eyewear that pays homage to the past, whilst embracing contemporary design cues, embellished with modern technical innovation. Being a surfer for the most part of 45 years, Paul Surman’s deep connection to the ocean permeates the design philosophy of Vieux:

“No two waves are ever the same, they can never be replicated or repeated, much like the acetate we use in our eyewear. Each piece is one-of-a-kind like a fingerprint. All completely distinct”

Raised with acetate swatches and lens samples in lieu of toys, Jack Surman was destined to share his father’s passion for eyewear. A long held obsession, stemming from a childhood filled with creativity. Raised both a musician and a photographer, picking up his first camera as a child, Jack has forever been fascinated with the interplay of light. Informing much of the visual and creative direction of Vieux:

“I love how simple photography is as an art form. It's a manipulation of luminosity. Darkness and Light. There’s a duality to it. I find myself viewing everything in this dual fashion and as an approach to design. Black and White, father and son, acetate and metal, V and X.”


Combining a rich history of artisanal craftsmanship, industry-leading product design and a palette of precious materials Vieux creates wearable pieces of art. Each frame is handcrafted by our trusted artisans, whom have worked alongside Paul for decades. Every piece is given the utmost attention and care, ensuring lasting, collectible quality.


Creating elegant statement pieces is a guiding principle in the Vieux design philosophy. Every pair must evoke a sense of purpose and deliberate design. However, there is no form without function. Our frames are meticulously crafted with comfort and wearability as a guiding principle. We utilise robust yet lightweight materials and naturally sculpted facades to ensure every frame is a perfect fit.

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