There is something to be said about the mere action of pencil to paper. It is a fast forgotten art where ideas may manifest and materialise out of the ether.

We design every frame meticulously by hand. Through a combination of decades-long experience and creative will, each frame is sketched by hand. What begins as crude and formless, becomes sleek and refined, with every detail carefully calculated to the millimetre.



No two acetate patterns are the same, they are as unique as a wave on the ocean.

From chaotic swells, churning whitewater to deepwater behemoths, a wave is a product of its environment, emerging from the ever changing ocean floor and sculpted into being by the winds. A beauty born from chaos. They are transient. Never again to be repeated.

It is this philosophy that drives our use of acetate. Each block sculpted and shaped, revealing the pattern beneath. Chaos, merging of colour and form, creating something truly unique and never again to be repeated.  



Our eyewear is produced on a small batch basis. Limiting production to ensure every piece may be given the utmost attention and care. Every glass is a piece of art, finite in quantity and collectible in quality.

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