Meet Arche

Welcome to Arche. Our attention to detail, and obsessive commitment to quality spans beyond our eyewear, permeating every aspect of Vieux. Even the boutiques we choose to work alongside are carefully handpicked, meticulously curated to ensure we are partnered with esteemed collectors of quality pieces. Just a short drive south from our beautiful Burleigh home lies Arche. A stunning boutique nestled in the beachside hills of Coolangatta. Natural wood floors, soft pastel tones and stunning ocean views - All as elegant as the curated collection within. We caught up with Owner/Creative Director Ali to have a chat about her beautiful...

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Introducing Le Chelle

INTRODUCING LE CHELLE The Le Chelle is a retro-inspired frame, with subtle cues from an iconic glass worn by Hollywood royalty in the 1980's. Crafted completely with hard density cellulose acetate and with signature 18K gold plated lens rings. Featuring intricate, wire injected temples with a fine filigree detail. We have always been massive film buffs here at Vieux. Watching and re-watching both iconic and underground classics, quoting every line and obsessing over every detail. Inspired by the iconic frames worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in the classic gangster film, Scarface, we created the Le Chelle. Filigrees: A lessor known detail...

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